Photo: Carole Fleischmann
I grew up in Sweden. At the age of 17, I won a scholarship to Italy to study at the United World College of the Adriatic in Triest. Since then I have more or less lived my life abroad, and have been based close to Zürich in Switzerland for many years. 
As time has gone by, I have learned to cultivate the feeling of belonging and find new roots. I find it also helps to regularly visit Sweden and keep in touch with friends and family there. Nature and yoga have also been good companions along the way. 
I now have Swiss citizenship. After twelve years in the country, I am now enjoying the ability to vote and I follow the political debate in a more active way than before. 
Sustainability is a word that has gained increasing importance in my life over the years. For me it means having enough time for family and friends, but it also means putting nature first. I dream of a life where it is possible to filter work, consumption and mobility through the lens of sustainability – on both a personal as well as an external level. 
Over the years I have written texts, conducted interviews and worked on a range of advisory and administrative tasks. I love to immerse myself in different subjects, researching and considering them from different perspectives. Some would say that I am good at capturing the current Zeitgeist, coming up with creative ideas and writing imaginatively. Whenever I get some spare time, I happily spend a few hours in bookshops, libraries or good newsagents. 
Besides being a journalist, I am also a certified study-, vocational and career counsellor. Completing my master’s degree at ZHAW (Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften) in German was an important milestone for me. The driving force behind this study was to further understand the dynamics of work, identity and life choices. It was a natural choice for me to dig deeper into the subject of qualified women with a migrant background and how counselling can be used to help this group find new work opportunities in a new cultural setting. You find my work here.  
Please feel free to contact me with any enquiries, comments or questions. 

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